A Taste of Torrington 2023

Another day, another big local food and drink market; hurrah! One of my favourite food and drink pastimes is popping along to markets/festivals and taking all the wonderful edible and drinkable things home in either my memory or my trusty backpack. So when the opportunity arose at the beginning of the soggiest March ever toContinue reading “A Taste of Torrington 2023”

Graze & S’more Mother’s Day Box

It seems ironic that the day I sit down to write this review (of an amazing business, may I add), it is International Women’s Day. Fate? I think so. Especially when the brains behind the business, Katie, is a wonderful, bubbly lady, and the product in question is aimed at the legendary female species forContinue reading “Graze & S’more Mother’s Day Box”

The New Amsterdam, Barnstaple

You know that very common British phrase of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, I have a suggestion, or maybe, you could call it an improvement. So here it is: we swap the word apple for pizza. I know a daily pizza probably isn’t the best idea and would send us toContinue reading “The New Amsterdam, Barnstaple”

Bidefood Fest 2023

If there’s one thing that makes Christmas, Christmas, it’s a Christmas market (buckle up; one sentence in and the “C” word has already been mentioned three times). My inner festive feelings won’t even begin to emerge until that first market has been visited. Luckily for me and the whole of Bideford, Lucy of Epic EventsContinue reading “Bidefood Fest 2023”

Graze Me Up Afternoon Tea Box

When it comes to “grazing”, a few things spring to mind that make me feel very happy and content: sitting at a Spanish beachside bar eating tapas in the mid afternoon whilst soaking up some much needed Mediterranean vitamin D; making my way to the buffet for a second (maybe third, don’t judge) plateful atContinue reading “Graze Me Up Afternoon Tea Box”

Beyond Veganuary Evening

‘Veganuary’ seems to be the modern nickname given to the first month of the year thanks to the probable over indulgence that took place during the December festivities. We’ve all been there; numerous social occasions enjoying a glass (or bottle, oops) of prosecco, opening the mega sized tin of miniature chocolates a bit early andContinue reading “Beyond Veganuary Evening”

Korea Town Kitchen Seafood Experience

As is now pretty much always the case, it is a Wednesday morning on my day off from pub-restaurant life and my brain starts reminiscing over the memories of a gorgeous local takeaway meal that I unfortunately had to share with Rob, the Saturday evening before Christmas Day. Saturday is just the perfect night forContinue reading “Korea Town Kitchen Seafood Experience”

Fat Boy Fudge: The Mega Box

When it comes to the alphabet, many of my favourite words begin with the letter ‘F’: food (obviously); flannel I just think is hilarious; fcuk, for obvious reasons; and finally, fudge, but not for the initial sweet treat reason you may think. Many years ago as a freshly graduated student, I fell into a jobContinue reading “Fat Boy Fudge: The Mega Box”

Bideford Christmas Food and Drink Festival

Of all the things that can give you a big nudge of festive spirit, a crisp morning at a Christmas market that is showcasing a plentiful amount of food and drink stalls is top of my list. I absolutely love a Christmas market! They make my stomach and liver as happy as a Christmas ElfContinue reading “Bideford Christmas Food and Drink Festival”

Candy’s Cuisine

When you think of the small, picturesque village of Appledore, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the stunning views over the estuary; the cobbled streets lined with colourful bunting; intricate crochet items hanging from the trees with pride; and who can forget the basically world famous clotted cream ice-cream (if you know, you know).Continue reading “Candy’s Cuisine”