Hello and welcome to One Shy Foodie! I’m Leanne, born and bred in a small North Devon town and I have a big love for all things food, particularly eating out – I will go anywhere and want to go everywhere!

The name? I am quite a shy person, and struggle with some things, but the subject of food brings me out of my shell and just makes me really happy (egg pun was totally intended – I love eggs). So instead of just sharing my experiences and all things food to those around me, I have finally taken the plunge into the world of food writing after a number of years of saying it and thanks to more recent encouragement from friends, here we are!

I love food – more specifically, I love eating out! I am one of those people who downloads and reads menus, whether a table is booked or not, and will have a good idea of what I will order there. For me, eating out or in (got to remember those takeaway treats) is the whole experience. Deciding where to go. Making the reservation. Getting yourself ready when the day finally arrives (this includes pj’s on and a fluffy blanket for those takeaway nights). Secretly hoping a French 75 is on the drinks menu. The chit chat of everyone around you whilst also eyeing up their meal choices to help with your upcoming decision (no-one wants food envy). Seeing your meal being walked towards you, before finally eating your meal and remembering that meal for a long time, unless it was pants.

Bringing it back to the blog, the main reason for this blog is to use it to write positive experiences and reviews of eateries here, there and everywhere and hope anyone that reads them also has a positive experience. As well as experiences out and about, I will also share the experiences from my own kitchen and recipes to further spread some food love and positivity.

If you made it this far, well done! Hopefully my writing will make you smile as much as seeing your meal coming out at a restaurant. Now go get yourself a piece of cake!

Man I love cake.