Graze & S’more Mother’s Day Box

It seems ironic that the day I sit down to write this review (of an amazing business, may I add), it is International Women’s Day. Fate? I think so. Especially when the brains behind the business, Katie, is a wonderful, bubbly lady, and the product in question is aimed at the legendary female species forContinue reading “Graze & S’more Mother’s Day Box”

Breakfast For Lunch & Take Away Cake: Market Street Kitchen, Appledore

Anyone ever been to the same quaint cafe twice within approximately 24 hours? No, me neither. However, I did just see a pig fly over my house and my nose seems to have grown suddenly since I started typing on this damp and grey Wednesday afternoon. Eating out is such a joy, especially with closeContinue reading “Breakfast For Lunch & Take Away Cake: Market Street Kitchen, Appledore”