Food, Fitness and Me

As well as a huge love of food and drink, I also have another big love; health and fitness. From an early age I was always into sport and just running around being active. This running around led me to join my local athletics club and since the age of 10 I have enjoyed running, over all distances, ever since! Although I am not so sure my knees and hips thank me!

I took this love of health and fitness further, completing a BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree and an MSc Applied Sport Psychology degree, both in the wonderful city of Cardiff. During these fun years, I learnt the basics of nutrition within lectures, but most importantly, I started cooking more with my amazing friends and that is where the cooking enjoyment began! Thankfully, I have expanded my culinary skills and no longer eat pasta out of the saucepan to save on washing up! Moving back home to lovely North Devon as a graduate, I qualified as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and added group exercise class qualifications to my bow.

My relationship with food and fitness, both as combined and separate entities, has changed over the years for many reasons. All of these reasons have led me to where I am today, knowing I have to fuel my body properly to allow my body to perform to its best, as I still love to train. But also that health and fitness is not everything and eating all those naughtier foods is normal, well deserved and definitely more fun than a salad!

So this section of my blog is dedicated to writing and collaborations related to the health and fitness industry.

Oh, and everyone loves a sweaty selfie, right?!