Supporting Local In Lockdown Mini Blogs

At the start of lockdown 2.0, whilst sat at home on my own, furlough life in full flow (again), I came up with an idea to use my little blog to help support and spread the word about our wonderful local hospitality businesses who are now offering amazing takeaway, delivery and collection services. It was upon my sofa the “supporting local in lockdown mini blogs” series was born! Good job I was sitting down for that. Using my experiences of local hospitality businesses I have eaten with and utilised in the past, I will publish a mini blog which shouts about them. During the lockdowns, my hope is that these mini blogs show people all the amazing options we have right on our doorstep and encourages them to support local, even if it is just once.

*I have not experienced everywhere so if I do not include a particular business etc, it is nothing against them, I just have not used them, yet!