Chantal Law Fitness and Pilates Collab

As well as my big love of food, I also have a life-long love of all things health and fitness; I work in the industry and enjoy anything that gets me moving! Food and fitness? They go hand in hand!

And Chantal agrees!

Chantal is a local personal trainer in North Devon, with her own studio, who also has a love for food! Chantal is all about balance and enjoying everything in moderation; if you want cake, have cake and I couldn’t agree more! We met properly just over 12 months ago when I started attending her popular Pilates classes. Fast forward all that time and I still attend many of her classes, despite how much they hurt sometimes!

The collab? It was on a warm early October lunchtime when Chantal and I met to discuss ideas of how we can link her business with my blog. A few cups of tea later and here we are! Take a look below for the blogs we have created to bring food and fitness together.