A Taste of Torrington 2023

Another day, another big local food and drink market; hurrah! One of my favourite food and drink pastimes is popping along to markets/festivals and taking all the wonderful edible and drinkable things home in either my memory or my trusty backpack. So when the opportunity arose at the beginning of the soggiest March ever toContinue reading “A Taste of Torrington 2023”

The New Amsterdam, Barnstaple

You know that very common British phrase of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, I have a suggestion, or maybe, you could call it an improvement. So here it is: we swap the word apple for pizza. I know a daily pizza probably isn’t the best idea and would send us toContinue reading “The New Amsterdam, Barnstaple”

Graze Me Up Afternoon Tea Box

When it comes to “grazing”, a few things spring to mind that make me feel very happy and content: sitting at a Spanish beachside bar eating tapas in the mid afternoon whilst soaking up some much needed Mediterranean vitamin D; making my way to the buffet for a second (maybe third, don’t judge) plateful atContinue reading “Graze Me Up Afternoon Tea Box”

Korea Town Kitchen Seafood Experience

As is now pretty much always the case, it is a Wednesday morning on my day off from pub-restaurant life and my brain starts reminiscing over the memories of a gorgeous local takeaway meal that I unfortunately had to share with Rob, the Saturday evening before Christmas Day. Saturday is just the perfect night forContinue reading “Korea Town Kitchen Seafood Experience”

Fat Boy Fudge: The Mega Box

When it comes to the alphabet, many of my favourite words begin with the letter ‘F’: food (obviously); flannel I just think is hilarious; fcuk, for obvious reasons; and finally, fudge, but not for the initial sweet treat reason you may think. Many years ago as a freshly graduated student, I fell into a jobContinue reading “Fat Boy Fudge: The Mega Box”

Bideford Christmas Food and Drink Festival

Of all the things that can give you a big nudge of festive spirit, a crisp morning at a Christmas market that is showcasing a plentiful amount of food and drink stalls is top of my list. I absolutely love a Christmas market! They make my stomach and liver as happy as a Christmas ElfContinue reading “Bideford Christmas Food and Drink Festival”

The Seacliff Restaurant at Sandy Cove Hotel

I don’t know about you, but a typical Tuesday night never normally comprises of anything majorly exciting, does it? There might be a little exercise involved, followed by the never ending question of “what do you want for dinner?”, cooking said dinner after a lengthy decision making process, before getting comfy in front of theContinue reading “The Seacliff Restaurant at Sandy Cove Hotel”

The Bay View Bakehouse Christmas Eve Box: From Burpees to Brownies

First things first. Yes this is a Christmas throwback and yes, I realise we are now well into January, but everyone loves a bit of Christmas any time of the year, don’t they? If you disagree, I do apologise for what is about to follow, but only a little bit. If there is ever aContinue reading “The Bay View Bakehouse Christmas Eve Box: From Burpees to Brownies”

Curry in a Hurry Delivered by Blights

I love a curry and believe it should definitely be a weekly meal of every household. With so many varieties of curry to choose from, from a wealth of different countries and regions, it’s no wonder it is one of Britain’s favourite dishes. Besides, the legendary dish of chicken tikka masala was born in Glasgow.Continue reading “Curry in a Hurry Delivered by Blights”

Spiced Carrot Cake Banana Flapjack

Three of my obsessions strike again: carrot cake; overripe-looking-sorry-for-themselves bananas; and the simple goodness of flapjack. If you can combine these three oddities to make a banging bowl of carrot cake porridge, it is only natural to combine them once more to expand the ever growing carrot cake-esque community. It wasn’t going to be longContinue reading “Spiced Carrot Cake Banana Flapjack”