Graze & S’more Mother’s Day Box

It seems ironic that the day I sit down to write this review (of an amazing business, may I add), it is International Women’s Day. Fate? I think so. Especially when the brains behind the business, Katie, is a wonderful, bubbly lady, and the product in question is aimed at the legendary female species for the infamous ‘Mother’s Day’. Plus, I am also a said female, if you hadn’t already noticed (no offence taken if not…).

I myself am not a mother, nor do I have a massive desire to become one either, but I am a cool aunty, God mum and a many time parent of a food baby, and in the welcoming and encompassing world of enjoying food, any person, whoever you are, are damn well allowed to treat yourself to an afternoon tea box, whatever time of the year. And this sneak peek from Katie I was lucky enough to enjoy on a cold end of February evening is one I could not recommend more; to anyone!

S’more than enough for Two

It’s more than obvious to see that Katie has a real passion for her graze business; from our excitable conversation when she delivered the box of goodies to me at work, to the beautiful presentation of the box and treats inside themselves. A crisp, white box lovingly cuddled by a vibrant red bow and delicate business card. If the exterior wasn’t enough to make me want to rip it open before capturing any form of content (the struggle was real), what you could see through the see-through lid was just a big old tease; sweet and savoury with a pop of nature in the form of elegantly placed flowers and sprigs of the most wonderful herb, rosemary. It was a feast for the eyes and nose and an absolute killer for the stomach, but it was worth the wait.

Inside the pristine box was an arrangement of love in the form of finger sandwiches, scones, cake, stunning biscuits and the humble pork pie. If I were its parent, I would be bursting with pride at each element and hard pushed to choose a favourite (don’t tell any of them, but I did have some favourites. More on that shortly!). With enough pieces for two people to share, or one person to have an awesome time (have no shame), working your way through the afternoon tea in your pyjamas on the sofa will leave you feeling full and very much loved.

Give me S’more!

With a choice of three homemade fillings hugged between white loaf with finely cut edges, the sandwiches were a great way to kick start the feast; cheese with onion chutney, ham and mustard and finally, the king of the buffet sandwich, egg and cress mayo. Soft and creamy with bursts of bright orange yolk cooked to perfection. My first favourite child from the box! After the crumbly pastry of the little pork pies too, it was the perfect introduction to the sweet section, where a second favourite child was chosen.

Katie’s afternoon tea box is calling for you if you have a sweet tooth like me. With four slices of homemade cake, three homemade scones and two of the prettiest biscuits you will ever see from the exceptionally talented Boutique Biscuits by Rachel. I mean, just look at them (below); quaint and delicate decoration, with the biscuit itself being just the same. Oh and a few chocolate pretzels, strawberries and biscoff biscuits just to finish you off. Perfection!

It’s easy to tell when someone has put the time and effort into making something themselves, and this was more than evident with Katie’s homemade lemon swirl cake and scones. So much so, ladies and gentlemen, the two tart and light lemon cake slices are my second and third favourite children (each slice deserves to be favourited). Filled with a thin layer of sharp lemon curd and gorgeously creamy buttercream, it would be too easy to enjoy them in one sitting, which is evidenced by the fact I did just that with my two slices and a lot of pride. Followed by a wonderful scone topped with strawberry jam THEN a dollop of Rodda’s legendary clotted cream. Jam is a spread, therefore, spread first. Moving swiftly on…!

Please Katie, can I have S’more?

I think it’s fair to say (and also quite obvious) that this gorgeous and generous afternoon tea box would make you or someone you know extremely loved, happy and full of goodness in the form of homemade treats and a bit of a well-deserved sugar rush. Putting all jokes aside regarding favourites, the whole box itself that Katie has carefully put together for our benefit will become a household favourite of yours, or whoever you decide to surprise.

And, if you decide to gift yourself a box to yourself, from yourself, you have my full backing and zero judgement; it is worth every penny!

I would like to thank Katie of Graze & S’more for the kind gift of her Mother’s day afternoon tea box and the opportunity to write about it!

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