Fat Boy Fudge: The Mega Box

When it comes to the alphabet, many of my favourite words begin with the letter ‘F’: food (obviously); flannel I just think is hilarious; fcuk, for obvious reasons; and finally, fudge, but not for the initial sweet treat reason you may think. Many years ago as a freshly graduated student, I fell into a job working at a local special educational needs school and absolutely loved my many years there. However, it did put me off wanting to continue into teacher training! Anyway, the word “fudge” became my go phrase in the classroom to allow any buildup of steam to be subtly released every once in a while without the kids suspecting a thing! Thankfully, Glen and Cindy of brand new local fudge business, Fat Boy Fudge, recently gave me a much better reason to shout the word “fudge” anywhere I liked, not just in a classroom!

I met Glen and Cindy in November 2021 at the hugely successful first Bideford Food and Drinks Festival (which I wrote all about by the way) and since then, their homemade fudge business has gone from strength to strength, bringing huge slabs of gorgeous fudge to the excited residents of Bideford and surrounding areas. I will hold my hands up right now and admit I have never really been a big lover of fudge (shock horror). It’s a texture reason for me and you never quite know what your mouth is going to get when you shove a sugary morsel right in. I find that some fudge is grainy and powdery, which can take away from the really tasty flavour fudge can provide. So when chatting to Glen, who I went to school with, about the very top secret way he makes their fudge, I couldn’t wait to change my opinion on what good quality fudge should taste and feel like; queue the Fat Boy Fudge Mega Box! And “mega” is not an understatement…

When I collected the fudge filled box from Glen’s stall at one of Bideford Pannier Market’s Christmas evenings, the first thing that struck me was how heavy the box was; I mean, if I was stuck for something to use for a homework workout, a few bicep curls with that box would have certainly done the trick! All joking aside, the carefully packaged box, lined with royal blue tissue paper, was jam-packed full of seven (yes, SEVEN) easily identifiable, well known confectionary based fudge flavours. I can still smell the sweet aroma that filled my little blue car when opening the box for the first time (I genuinely could not have waited until I got home). You know the happiness you feel when walking into a bakery and being hit by the smell of freshly baked bread? That is how I felt in my car on that extremely cold December evening, but it was even better because the smell was oh so sweet.

The Seven Wonders of the Box

When I say that Glen and Cindy’s Fat Boy Fudge is the best fudge I have ever eaten, I really, really mean it. ‘The seven wonders of the box’ definitely needs to be re-written to ‘the seven wonders of the world’. I had to stop myself from living off a diet of fudge, despite how much I wanted to! It was pretty much Christmas after all, so maybe I should have (we live and learn).

So let’s talk texture: that grainy, powdery fudge I mentioned above? It was nowhere to be seen. Every single piece of Fat Boy Fudge was as smooth as silk. So smooth, in fact, your teeth barely have to do anything. It is like a knife satisfactorily gliding through a slab of golden butter (I’m not dribbling right now, you are). I have never known fudge to melt in the mouth either; it was an absolute joy to eat! Add into each wonderful bite the flavours and textures of our favourite confectionary and you will definitely be joining me in shouting “fudge me” from anywhere, including a classroom!

Fudge Me It’s Hard to Choose a Favourite

This will sound really cliché and I despise anything cliché, but it was almost impossible to choose my favourite flavour from the Mega Box. When each flavour is absolutely gob-smackingly good, why should I have to choose? For review purposes, of course. Within the Mega Box were seven delicious flavours: Mars, Snickers, Malteser, Kinder, Oreo, Crunchie and Biscoff (pictured clockwise below from the top left). I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of favourites myself; it was like S Club 7 in fudge form, which must make them “S Fudge 7” (not even sorry for that; proud if I am totally honest).

Given the nature of each of the chosen bars and biscuits, each piece of fudge was full of texture amongst the creaminess of the fudge itself; whether that was the crumble of the Oreo and Biscoff biscuits, the caramel chewiness of Mars, the nuttiness and pillow like nougat of Snickers, the super sweet honeycomb crunch of Crunchie, the air pocket bubbles found in the ever round Malteser, or the elite level creaminess of one of my favourite chocolates to eat, Kinder. As well as unbelievable texture in an array of forms, each chocolate was so easily identifiable because the flavour was so strong. If you or I were taking part in a Fat Boy Fudge blind taste test, we would one hundred percentage be able to easily identify each flavour and, therefore, be proudly awarded a golden ribbon by Glen and Cindy themselves.

Fine, I’ll Decide

As much as I loved every one of the seven flavours rammed into the Mega Box and would eat each one over and over again in a heartbeat, my favourite flavour by a very small margin was…the Oreo fudge. For me, it was the contrast between the white chocolate flavoured fudge and the richer, darker flavour of the Oreo biscuit itself. Plus, in some of the fudge pieces, there was pretty much a whole Oreo! What a winner. But, if for some bizarre and awful reason, Oreo fell off the face of the earth, Kinder and Biscoff would be a close second, as would Malteser, Mars, Snickers and Crunchie. See what I mean about the whole decision fear thing?

Fat Boy Fudge is an Easy Decision

I think we can all agree that Fat Boy Fudge create outstanding fudge in an array of popular flavours (if we don’t agree then I have not done them justice in this review). Since happily working my way through the Mega Box, Glen and Cindy have continued to expand their menu and offerings for everyone to enjoy: we’re talking multiple wedding packages, fudge scotch eggs, new flavours and even slabs (yes, uncut slabs) of fudge of your chosen flavour, as well as their ever popular box sizes. I, for one, will most definitely be purchasing more of their amazing product to soothe the pang of a fudge craving and I think you should too, because then you will have the best excuse to shout “oh fudge!” from the top of your lungs.

P.S. I’m getting married this year, so maybe I will have to hit them up for a wedding treat! *instantly writes fantastic wedding fudge idea down*

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