Pig and Olive Pizza, Westward Ho!

Supporting Local in Lockdown Mini Blog #2

This is the second in my “mini blogs” series to spread the word of the amazing local hospitality businesses in our area who will be offering takeaway/delivery services over the coming weeks. I wanted to share my experiences of those I have had this year in condensed write ups to support the industry and also show all the amazing treats we have to choose from!

This mini blog series would not be complete without a pizza based write up because I LOVE PIZZA! If I were to find myself in the unfortunate situation of being stuck on a remote desert island with only one food choice, pizza would definitely be right up there. The stunning, hand-made pizzas from the Pig and Olive would be my ultimate choice. Located on the legendary pebbles of Westward Ho! beach, the Pig and Olive are an award winning team of stonebaked pizza experts, who have been trained by world pizza champion Marco Fuso! If that wasn’t enough, they also rear their own pigs, making their name unique, and their pizzas, I can confirm, ridiculously delicious.

The Pig Pizzas

As with any takeaway treat, each slice of hot, indulgent pizza (cooked at 450c, hot they most certainly are!) is best enjoyed straight out of the lovingly stamped box, on the sofa, wearing cosy pyjamas (if you read my first mini blog you will notice a theme emerging). These Pig and Olive pizzas deserve your full attention, which your senses will thank you for. Your nose will be hit by the warm smell of fresh, hand-made dough before you even lift the lid of the cardboard pizza vessel, along with the aromatic scents of your chosen toppings. The grand opening reveals a feast for the eyes: a golden, leopard spotted crust, perfect for dipping into their home-made crust dips, that acts as Hadrian’s wall encasing a smooth, vibrant red tomato base, adorned with your chosen toppings. A feast for the eyes even Picasso would be jealous of.

Make your pizza personal by adding extra toppings, yum!

Sitting comfortably on your sofa with your eyes and nose now brimming with excitement, it is time to put your mouth out of its misery and put pizza into it. Lifting up the delicate slice of pizza that slightly droops with a string of gooey mozzarella cheese pulling from the rest of the pizza, that first bite gives your taste buds everything it needs in one go (I am most definitely not dribbling right now). The thin base is slightly chewy and moist where the sweet and powerfully flavoured tomato sauce has soaked into the dough (I apologise for the use of the ‘m’ word to those who cringe at that adjective, like me). The lightness of the freshly made base is contrasted by the thicker, springy, slightly crunchy crust hosting a pizza party of textures between your molars, whilst encasing a white layer of rich and creamy mozzarella cheese. Now the fun really starts, toppings galore to pimp your pizza.

The thing we all want to see: a gooey, indulgent cheese pull!

Perfect Personalised Pizza Toppings

No matter what toppings you choose, the Pig and Olive carefully balance and distribute each topping to allow each flavour to shine and burst in every glorious pizza filled bite. My ‘go to’ Pig and Olive pizza is spinach and mushroom and is a veggie delight, even if you are not vegetarian. The earthy flavours of sliced mushrooms and deeply green wilted spinach work perfectly with the indulgent cheese and sweetness of tomato. However, during lockdown 1.0, I took the humble spinach and mushroom up a level, with some wonderful additions the Pig and Olive team offer. First, garlic that was soft, but punchy in flavour, and tasted amazing with its perfect partner, the mushroom. Second, fresh basil for a kick of freshness and a herb that I (personally) think needs to be involved in every pizza occasion. Lastly, artichoke pieces that were soft and nutty in flavour. It was a personalised pizza triumph.

The pizza droop!

This was not my first Pig and Olive pizza experience (no surprise there) and it will not be my last (also not surprising). Their signature pizza named ironically the “Pig and Olive” pairs soft and rich pulled pork made from their own reared pigs, alongside slightly salty black olives, giving a combination that tastes fantastic and a choice I will definitely make again.

With an app and website that are easy to use, you are able to create your own perfect pizza from the comfort of your sofa. Pizzas that can be made gluten and dairy free, as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives too. Also, if perfect pizza wasn’t enough, they also provide desserts and low/no alcohol drinks to make the perfect pizza night in even more perfect.

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