Made In Appledore By The Royal George

Supporting Local in Lockdown Mini Blog #1

This is the first in my “mini blogs” series to spread the word of the amazing local hospitality businesses in our local area who will be offering takeaway services over the coming weeks. I wanted to share my experiences of the takeaways I have had this year in condensed write ups to support the industry and also show all the amazing treats we can have too!

Made In Appledore‘ is the little sibling of the award winning The Royal George. Based unsurprisingly in Appledore, Made In Appledore offers home-made hot takeaway classics for those evenings you want to fully relax and chill, plus cook at home meals if you want to put in a tiny bit more effort to re-heat. Made with local, fresh ingredients, the meals are super tasty, substantial and very well priced! Ordering and making payment via their website or app makes your evening even more easy by not even having to leave the sofa. This glorious pyjama filled image was me in early April ordering our first lockdown takeaway and it was not the last. We ordered twice more over the lockdown months, so it must have been good!

Thai Green Seafood Curry

Fresh and vibrant curry with all the trimmings!

I love a curry, particularly on a Friday or Saturday night as an end of the week treat and with my pyjamas donned mid lockdown, our first hot takeaway order was the Thai green seafood curry with all the trimmings. Soft chunks of salmon and cod, with juicy prawns and crunchy seasonal greens, swimming in a vibrant and aromatic Thai green sauce. It tasted amazing with a warming kick of chilli heat, calmed by the creamy coconut. Accompanying this green delight, the bright orange pickled carrot cut through the coconut, the perfectly cooked, soft basmati rice soaked up the silky sauce and the flat bread with nigella seeds mopped up anything that remained, which in the end was nothing! A sensational curry we ordered again for our Made In Appledore takeaway number three. In between that? A burger with a difference.

Fish Burger & Fries

Despite the lacking photography at this time, the side of veg got involved!

It might be obvious that I am a fan of fish and when a fish burger is available, I have to get involved. This was more than just your average burger. This is a burger made in house by The Royal George chefs with chunks of salmon, cod and prawns. The chunks of beautiful fish shone through giving the burger texture and hits of each fish flavour. The flavourful burger was built upon a bed of home-made delights: pickled fennel provided an acidic note; a sweet and fruity tomato chutney; finished with baby gem lettuce and a creamy chive mayo that felt indulgent and cleansed the pallet slightly, all encased within a “fluffy bun”. No burger is complete without fries! Each bite was crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and piping hot. Plus, it was a hearty pile of fries! And yes, that is a side of fresh veg you see to the left of the burger tower; carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas and green beans, all with an al dente crunch.

With an extensive menu including roasts, desserts and butchery to name a few, easy ordering and choice of delivery days and times to suit you, Made In Appledore is a local winner for a tasty takeaway, best enjoyed wearing pyjamas on the sofa!

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