Cake on The Quay (22)

Supporting Local in Lockdown Mini Blog #5

This is the fifth in my “mini blogs” series to spread the word of the amazing local hospitality businesses in our local area who will be offering takeaway services over the coming weeks. I wanted to share my experiences of the takeaways I have had this year in condensed write ups to support the industry and also show all the amazing treats we can have too!

Whether it’s for an occasion such as a birthday, or just celebrating the fact you have made it to Friday and cannot be bothered to enter your own kitchen, a takeaway in any form is such a wonderful treat and definitely always deserved (I mean, come on, we made it to another Friday!). I love a takeaway as much as the next person and there is one particular take out that gets me excited beyond measure: cake. If there was a cake excitement scale, I would fly off the top. But not just cake. Oh no, any sweet bake; flapjack, loafs, breads, tiffin, tarts, the list goes on. Last week I purchased the most delightful slab of cake (and I mean SLAB) as a walking pit stop treat with my awesome Mum from the popular Bideford cafe, Quay 22.

Outside Quay 22 with our lunch (and cake!) filled bags!

Savoury Before Sweet

It will come as no surprise that our windy lunchtime walk was planned around grabbing lunch along the way from a cafe we have had the pleasure of eating delicious food with many times and this particular November Thursday was no different. Located on Bideford Quay overlooking the River Torridge, Quay 22 have adapted their quaint cafe into a brilliant takeaway service with a window display to fill the eyes with joy and stomach with hunger; a window brimming with fresh homemade cakes and sweet treats! It was inevitable we were both going to add cake to our order; I get my sweet tooth from Mother Glover.

Deciding my savoury lunch was just as difficult as deciding which cake delight I wanted. The array of fillings available from the classic tuna mayonnaise to the more modern triumph of halloumi and sweet chilli made my pre-birthday treat decision longer than normal. Throw into the mix the offering of laying said fillings into either a panini, sandwich or wrap, I had to let the lady standing two metres behind me order first because I could have quite frankly chosen them all.

Simple and tasty tuna mayonnaise melt panini

Tuna mayonnaise melt panini in hand, I was happy with my decision and the first bite confirmed it. Warm to hold with the distinguished dark panini press marks dancing diagonally across the lightly coloured bread, the panini was filled with chunky tuna pieces swimming in creamy white mayonnaise. The melted cheddar cheese flowed over the sea of tuna like the sun; yellow, warm and making everyone smile with its golden beam. The best things in life are simple and this was one of those simple things executed to its full glory. Now it was time for cake.

Carrot Cake Face

Cake face!

As much as I loved my panini, it was always about the cake. From the beautiful display of a good ten bakes, the ever faithful carrot cake won my affection once more. Carefully opening the brown paper bag the wedge of happiness was lovingly put upon a recyclable plate, the aromas of mixed spiced and cinnamon were powerful and welcoming. The sponge was a rich brown, deep orange colour, contrasting the bright white thick buttercream layers that beamed from in between the moist and even layers. Complete with a wooden fork, it was time to dive in face first. Eating cake with a fork is rule, in my opinion, and this recyclable fork was in for a treat. Through the fork, I could feel the sponge was soft and moist whilst my eyes ate up the satisfyingly even texture of the sponge. The buttercream held and perched itself perfectly upon the vegetable filled sponge. The Christmassy spices warmed my taste buds; this was definitely the most strongly spiced carrot cake I have ever eaten and it was a complete joy. The buttercream soothed the abundant spices with its luxuriously creamy taste and a texture that was so light, I thought the November gusts might blow it straight into the river. Finally, pieces of walnut added a nutty crunch to the wonderful mouthful. I had to stop myself from devouring the whole piece in one sitting. My reasoning? I wanted to eat my dinner later that evening, but mostly importantly, if I saved half the cake, I could enjoy it once more on the comfort of my sofa in my fluffy pyjamas.

And that is exactly what I did.

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